Our Policies

Our Quality Policies

  • In all processes, it is a reliable and sought company that understands the needs and expectations of the customer.
  • It is to follow and implement technological developments closely to reduce costs and increase profitability.
  • It is to constantly raise the quality level and to strengthen the quality consciousness by giving importance to team work so that everyone in the organization becomes more competent and able to use their talents at the top level.
  • It is to cooperate with external suppliers, based on trust.
  • Competitive, affordable and accurate solutions, to produce the fastest way to avoid the inconveniences that can occur later.
  • To complete each project on time, fully compliant with high-end technologies, customer requirements, desired qualities and budget limits.
  • Being respectful to the environment, being a sample organization, to contribute to the economy of the country by continuously improving business volume.
  • To share goals, developments and problems effectively and reliably.
  • Develop long-term strategic partnerships.
  • To fulfill customer requirements and to continue their improvement efforts.
  • Determining the possible risks and opportunities and carrying out necessary measures and activities in this direction.

✓ ISO 9001:2015

Information Security Policies

Managing our information assets is to determine the security values, needs and risks, and to develop and implement security risk controls.

To define the information assets, values, security needs, weaknesses, threats to assets and the framework in which methods for the detection of threat frequencies are to be determined.

It provides the confidentiality, integrity, and accessibility of the information we use during the services we produce.

To put forward the working principles for the processing of risks.

In the context of the scope provided, we keep an eye on our technological expectations and constantly monitor the risks.

Reducing our risks the most and improving our system constantly.

We must ensure that information security requirements arise from national or sectoral regulations, from fulfilling legal and regulatory requirements, from institutional responsibilities to internal and external stakeholders, without complying with the obligations arising from agreements.

Reduce the impact of information security threats on our business/service continuity and contribute to the continuity and sustainability of our business.

Things that may occur relevant with information security events can intervene effectively and quickly and have the competence to minimize the effects of events.

With a cost-effective control infrastructure, we are protecting and improving our information security in time.

Improve the reputation of our institution; you can protect your institution from adverse effects that may arise from the breakdown of information security.

✓ ISO 27001:2013