Innovated and developed by Mobiliva, OTS is the first and only software platform in Turkey specifically for the retail market chains…

Mobiliva OTS Platform is modular and the retail chains have the flexibility to choose any module(s) according to their needs.

A plugin software that is uploaded to the store servers allows the cash registers to top-up mobile phones or prepaid cards, digital gift cards, digital PIN codes real time. The software also includes features to perform in-store retail campaigns for multiple brands. The system works fully integrated with the accounting systems of the telecom operators and other suppliers as well as the retails chains to ensure accurate reconciliation.

Once the OTS Platform is up and running, additional modules and plugins can be installed easily and do not require a change in the infrastructure, additional IT investment or human resources.

The latest released module is the “E-commerce Integrated Solution for Cash Register” which allows the chains to sell products that are not physically in their inventory.

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